Hawthorne Avenue


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1871 - from Elizabeth Avenue W to City Line

1915 - from 301 Elizabeth Avenue West to City Line

From the spelling of Hawthorne Avenue you may think it was named after the American novelist Nathaniel Hawthorne, but you would be wrong. The original spelling was Hawthorn Avenue and it was named after the hawthorn hedge, which bordered the road for a distance near Osborne Terrace. The "e" was officially added sometime in the late 1880's, reason unknown. Until 1897, the part of Hawthorne Avenue west of Bergen Street was not in Newark, but Clinton Township. In 1897 that part of Clinton Township was annexed into Newark and by 1902, all of Clinton Township was annexed into Newark.

Unlike today, Hawthorne Avenue extended past Elizabeth Avenue ending at a dock on Bound Creek. The dock was used by farmers to ship their goods in small sloops to New York City. The dock disappeared before 1900 and by 1927 the creek was replaced by a condiut westward to Meeker Avenue and past that it was transformed into Weequahic Lake.


Street # 1850 1860 1870 1880 1895 1905 1915
Hawthorne Avenue       3 14 14    
Hawthorne Avenue 1-69 odd           9  
Hawthorne Avenue 2-426 even           9  
Hawthorne Avenue 71-227 odd           14  
Hawthorne Avenue 229-end odd           13  
Hawthorne Avenue 428-end even           13  
Hawthorne Avenue 1-139 odd             9
Hawthorne Avenue 2-430 even             9
Hawthorne Avenue 141-587 odd             16
Hawthorne Avenue 432-586 even             16

Enumerations Districts

Year # Enumeration District
1880   85
1900   133, 144

The Neighborhood

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