Kerrigan Blvd (V)


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From Charles McGrath:

The southern portion of Oakland Terrace was renamed Kerrigan Boulevard in (circa 1943). The Kerrigan family that lived on this street lost several sons in the beginning of World War II. In honor of them the City renamed a portion of Oakland Terrace.

From Jack Keegan:

I have a personal interest in that street. Raymond Kerrigan and my brother attended East Side High School and graduated in 1933. Soon after Ray enlisted in the US Navy. He attained the rate of MM 1st C, Machinist Mate first Class. And was assigned to the USS Vestal AR4, a Navy repair ship. These ships did repair work on all the fighting vessels of the US Navy.

On Saturday December 6, 1941 the Vestal tied up alongside the USS Arizona BB 39 at battleship row, Ford Island, Pearl Harbor. Repair work was schedule for Monday.

The Japanese hit Sunday December 7,1941 at 755 AM.

A bomb hit on the forward magazine of the Arizona caused a terrific explosion, killing many sailors on both ships. On the Vestal one of them was Raymond Kerrigan. Ray is buried in the National Cemetery of the Pacific, the Punch Bowl, over looking Pearl Harbor and the city of Honolulu.

On one of my trips to Hawaii I have visited his grave. Sometime in the forties part of Oakland Terrace was dedicated in his name. Co-incidentally a class mate of my wife was a band member in the USS Arizona, Harry Chernucha, who died in the attack. Harry is entombed in the hull of the Arizona. A street in Merick, LI NY is named in his honor.

We both have people that we knew that were killed in that attack.


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