Newark Streets

Old Newark

Broad & Market Streets

The northwest corner of Broad & Market Streets from the George Conrad Collection. The original Goerke Co. department store, which later moved to the northwest corner of Broad & Cedar Streets before burning down at that location (replaced by McCrory's and now a Nike store). The original expanded Bamberger's Department store stands at the northeast corner of Market & Halsey Streets and the shorter building past that, on the northwest corner, is their annex store. The building all the way to the left with "ATS" on the side is the Metropolitan building. The second Bamberger's would be built on that block, around the Metropolitan building and eventually the Metropolitan building would be taken down and Bamberger's expanded into that corner. The entire northwest corner would be demolished, including the large building on the right with the cigar sign to make the Woolworth's building and the corner building which still stands, minus the corner tower.

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