Welcome to Newark Streets

Newark's Housing Tracts

On these pages you will find a master street list for the city of Newark, NJ. This list includes current and past streets with the emphasis on past streets, name changes and number changes. There is also information on Enumeration Districs and Wards where possible.

All ward information is taken from a published book on Newark Wards and Newark City Directories. This information is correct to the best of my knowledge. If there are any discrepancies please forward me the information.

EDs - 1880, 1900 - Transcribed by Bob Burger

Steve Morse's site for 1930 EDs

You will also find some abbreviations:

(V) - Vailsburg

<date> - means that the building or street existed in that year

Some pages will have a little snippet of a map to give you a feel for where the street was.

Some of the street location information contains references to streets that have changed their names over the years. Three examples of this are:

Hamburg Place = Wilson Avenue

Belleville Avenue = Broadway

Plane Street = University Avenue

Another feature is THE NEIGHBORHOOD which lists important buildings on that street.

Photos - On the menu bar on the left side of the page is a link to all Newark Photos, Street Photos and under the street name in the main part of the page is a link for photos. If the link is clickable I have photos of that particular street. If the link is not clickable then I don't have any photos of that street. I am constantly looking for street photos. If you have some, no matter how bad you think they are, please email me and I'll put them on the site.

All information is constantly being updated. If you know of any information that is missing please email me.